CSI Unveils state-of-the-art Multimedia Queuing System


CSI successfully launched its Multimedia Queuing System at the recently concluded 2016 Stores Asia Expo held at the SMX Convention Center organized by the Philippine Retailers Association.

With the advent of queue management system, customers don’t have to wait long in queue at various customer service areas. The businesses across diverse industries including banks, telecoms, healthcare, airlines, and various government agencies have adapted the electronic queue management system to increase their business efficiency. As the customer enters into any customer service area they will be select a service and receive a ticket by means of ticket dispensing unit. These tickets are in sequential order of first come, first served basis and further categorized by the service customer selects and the counter number on which he will be served.

The ultimate goal of CSI Multimedia Queue Management System is to provide superior customer service, optimize staff efficiency and productivity, reduce perceived waiting time, and enhance customer experience.

The customer will have to wait for their turn in highly organized waiting area. The customer can also choose an option of SMS notification to utilize their wait time for other important activities rather than sitting idle.

This makes Electronic Queue Management System reliable, managing the customer flow efficiently. It also reduces the cost of customer representative as the customer can easily use these machines. The contemporary queuing systems are designed to help management produce real time data about serving time, waiting time, and arrival rates.