Product Training. Product features and usage training is focused on knowledge transfer of core functionality in any CSI product.

Product Upgrade. Product and Solutions Upgrade is performed or applicable to existing CSI clients that would require upgrade from earlier version of CSI products to most recent.

Hardware Health Check Consulting. Consulting Services are rendered by CSI Consulting or Engineering, and are focused on analysis of facilities management solutions and hardware of client. Application configuration, training, documentation of requirements or testing.

Infrastructure Audit. Infrastructure Audit is a service focused on analysis of existing infrastructure in any way affecting the products installed by a competitor. Infrastructure Audit is an analytical audit only, output limited to description of environment & restrictions related to performance of current infrastructure, and recommendations towards improvement.

Performance Tuning. Performance Turning is a service aimed at improving performance of existing CSI infrastructure. Dependent on analysis output, a pre-determined set of tuning actions will be applied to improve performance of hardware infrastructure.

Store Support. Deployment of Technical Support Resource to store environment for resolution of issues not possible to resolve through remote.