CSI Project Management and Services

Analysis | Scoping

FIT Gap Analysis

In the FIT Gap Analysis, CSI evaluates each functional area in a business project or business process to achieve a specific goal. It includes identifying key areas or components that fit within the business system and gaps that need solutions based on overall customer requirements.

Efforts invested in the analysis will shorten the design and engineering phase of proposed solution to your business pain. Documentation of project analysis will consist of:

• Business pain/area, where the standard solution fits the requirements.

• Processes that are not covered by the standard functionality.

• CSI recommendations for modifications, workarounds or adaptation of end-to-end solutions to resolve the customer’s pain.

Solution architecture and system design

The foundation for a successful business operations is the right solution architecture and operational design. Based on customer requirements, CSI will recommend:

• Definition of pain area whether in the store, restaurant, warehouse, manufacturing, office building, transportation terminal, municipality, bank or school, etc.

• Available hardware and peripherals where to run the CSI system

• Connectivity issue if solution will run via internet service

• Personnel to be assigned by customer who will manage or operate the CSI product/solution.

Project Design and Engineering

Design and development is crucial in producing the final combination of products and solution. Services included will be as follows:

• Customization and parameter set-up based on CSI product/solution functionality

• Project Design

• Design, programming and testing of the product/solution functionality defined in the FIT Gap Analysis.

• Documentation