Wireless telemetry and telematics are generally de-fined as wireless M2M (machine to machine, man-to-machine or machine-to-man) communications via a radio link.

M2M communications often involve the transfer of data to and from sensors and actuators for remote monitoring, data collection and device control purpos-es. Sensors measure parameters such a temperature, water flow, voltages, current, wind speed, and switch closure, among others. Control devices could be re-lays, magnetic contactors, servomotors, etc.

Each control and monitoring unit can be remotely managed from a wireless central monitoring station (CMS). The wireless CMS involve some form of display and operator interface that is used to perform all es-sential functions like remote updates, testing, monitor-ing and control tasks from a single central station. All this to provide you peace of mind.

CSI offers a wide range of wireless communication op-tion using RF technologies that covers remote distanc-es from less than a meter to global wireless coverage. Wireless M2M is carried over such technologies as GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi, etc.

Applications of Wireless Telemetry and Telematics

  • GSM-based Car Alarm
    Elevating the common car alarm system to a tech-nologically sophisticated security system. CSI has developed a GSM-based Car Alarm and Security System that can be controlled either by a remote control or by a cellular phone using SMS commands. It can be installed as a stand-alone unit or integrated with existing car alarm system and sensors.
    Basic features include:

    • SMS Alert upon intrusion
    • Location tracking by using cell site triangulation service of GSM provider
    • Remote vehicle control and engine immobiliza-tion
  • Facilities Management
    CSI has developed a GSM-based Facilities Man-agement system. Essentially, a GSM-based unit with analog and digital inputs and outputs is in-stalled in remotely monitored facilities. The GSM unit can monitor temperature, voltages, heaters, air-conditioners, thermostats, etc. Should any or all of the monitored parameters trigger an alarm, pre-assigned cellular numbers will be notified. For multiple remote sites, a central monitoring software is available to consolidate all alarm monitoring and control functions.
  • Other applications
    CSI Wireless M2M design and engineering capa-bilities open opportunities for innovative appli-cations in areas such as:

    • Security and tracking
    • Remote automatic meter-reading (AMR)
    • Vending machines
    • Elevators and escalators
    • Industrial automation
    • Road traffic information
    • Traffic control systems
    • Advertising
    • Entertainment
    • Remote preventive maintenance