Market­-based transactions are everywhere ­ in shopping malls, banks, commercial and government buildings, hotels, restaurants and cafes, convenience stores and even in parking lots. How good a job you do in protecting your business, environment, and customers depends on what infrastructure you deploy and the value of the skills and solutions that go with it to manage what matters to you the most.

State­ of ­the ­art shopping malls, condominiums and even hospitals are changing the mega Manila landscape that showcase the massive advances in consumer lifestyle. For companies hoping to compete, the stress is even higher as the safety and convenience of their customers cannot be compromised.

We are Circuit Solutions Incorporated (CSI), a Philippine company born in 1996 out of an aptitude to technological innovation and advocacy to provide world-­class products and end­-to-end technology solutions to medium and large enterprises in the country.

Everything started from imagination then the pursuit of innovation.


Circuit Solutions Inc. , a Philippine company born in 1996, has been known as an established authority in business consulting and technology solutions provider on various commercial environments. We have developed a unique business model based on logistical strength, brand power and customer service due to our aptitude to technological innovation and advocacy to provide world-class products and end­to-end technology solutions to medium and large enterprises in the country.


The foundation of our business existence is to completely understand our customers’ businesses and how to leverage technology to help them succeed in their respective unique competitive fields.
Combining our strengths in this way makes us better together, and offers you – our customers - the solutions you need to improve your productivity, competitiveness, and profitability by using CSI technology wisely and confidently.


We earn our stripes step-by-step as we hit our following goals: regional expansion in innovative technology and solutions, continuous building of a robust line­up of key customers, and an increase in assets and investments of the our company.


To be recognized as the authority in cutting­ edge technology and provider of PROVEN, TRUSTED and RECOMMENDED solutions by a diverse spectrum of businesses in the Philippines.


At CSI, our mission is to be the technology partner of choice by delivering positive customer experience through an integrated approach to providing technology solutions.



Honesty and transparency are our core value in dealing with customers.


We hire only technology and industry experts who understand, share, and are committed to our shared advocacy.


We provide excellent service to our valued customers by continuously providing training and development programs for our people for them to be able to master and continuously improve in their own tasks.


Through team work, we provide our clients with cutting­edge solutions with common advocacies in mind: empowerment and security of business, people and environment, and to provide easy, usable, and understandable solutions.


Human talent is our ultimate capital. Finding the right talent to do what we do best is not easy.

We only hire industry and technology experts.


CSI is recognized for its team of highly certified and experienced engineers. Since 1996, we have helped our clients grow their business and profits by ensuring their customer’s safety, productivity, profitability and convenience. Our Business Relationship Managers and Systems Engineers safeguards the investments of our valued customers, and make sure the right solution is delivered on time and on budget. CSI is following its own Project Methodology that enables rapid deployment amid careful consideration to unique business processes.

At CSI, we partner with leaders around Asia, Europe and US and adapt powerful methodologies to local settings. We engage clients through commitment of contribution, years of experience and dedication to excellence.

Twenty years and counting in business consulting and technology solutions, CSI has earned the respect of top 160 business enterprises in the Philippines. We build relationships by doing things right as based on our strong commitment to our values and the will to make a difference.



We pride ourselves with global partners that share our vision and advocacy.

● Member, Philippine Retailers Association (PRA)

● Certified by Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines

● Accredited by the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System